A List Of Essential Oil For Herpes Treatment

What Is Herpes? How Is It Caused?

Herpes is a very common viral infection. It is caused by Herpes simplex virus. Herpes simplex virus infects and replicates in cells at the site of entry, the mucocutaneous surface. Essential oils are use for centuries for their antiviral as well as their immuno-stimulating properties. Among all the essential oils, some have been found to be most effective with the herpes simplex viruses are:

Essential Oils To Cure Herpes Effectively

      Peppermint

peppermint oil for herpespeppermint oil is obtained from the leaves of the peppermint plant or menthe pipertia, a hybrid of the water mint and spearmint plants. Peppermint oil is also popular oil in medicines due to its therapeutic benefits. It is effective in relieving anxiety, pain and vomiting as well as improving memory. It was found to have a beneficial effect on drug-resistant herpes simplex virus when applied topically. Because of its lipophilic nature, peppermint oil is able to pass through the skin, making it useful against recurrent herpes infection. It helps to improve skin affected by the disease.

      Geranium

geranium oil for herpesIt has anti-inflammatory properties. It is perennial shrub with small pink flowers and pointy leaves. The oil is widely used in aromatherapy and has some beneficial compounds. It is used to treat acne, sore throats, anxiety, depression, insomnia and herpes simplex virus. Its antiseptic properties can help speed up the wounds and treat a variety of skin problems. The main components of germanium oil are nerol (8.7%), citronellyl formate (7.1%), isomenthone (6.3%) and linalool (5.2%).

      Chamomile

chamomile oil for herpesIt is found in the flowers of the chamomile plant which is very popular as a flowering plant. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent due to the presence of a compound called Azulene. It is a nitrogenous compound and is responsible for giving the oil its characteristic deep color. It has kinds of properties like antiseptic, antibiotic, disinfectant, bactericidal and vermifuge. It does not let biotic infections develop which are the infections due to biotic factors such as bacteria and fungi. It is very useful for the treatment of herpes. It helps to protect wounds, cut and bruises from becoming infected.

      Clove oil

clove oil for herpesClove oil has been used as numbing agent. It is a very useful topical anesthetic for toothache and oral inflammation. Studies have demonstrated that clove has strong anti-HSV activity against both ‘cold sore’ and ‘genital’ herpes varieties. It also has antibacterial and antifungal activities which make it doubly useful for various conditions. It should never be taken internally.

      Tea tree oil

TEA TREE OIL FOR HERPESTea tree oil and herpes. It is also called melaleuca oil. It is an essential oil with afresh camphoraceous odor. The color ranges from pale yellow to nearly colorless and clear. It is toxic when taken by mouth. It is useful in treating wide variety of medical conditions. It has antimicrobial properties. Tea tree oil is very useful for various health ailments like acne, fungal infections, bacterial infections, etc.

      Myrrh oil

Myrrh oil for herpesIt comes from a dried resin extracted from the commiphora myrrh tree which belongs to the commiphora plant genus. It has a golden-yellow or brownish color and a rich smoky and balsamic aroma. It is beneficial for the treatment of herpes. Myrrh essential oil is known for its anti-fungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. It assists in killing bacteria, fungi and certain other harmful microbes by making the body resistant to such infections. It has natural breath freshening properties that aid in treating bad breath known as halitosis.

      Lavender oil

lavender-essential-oilLavender oil is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant, primarily through steam distillation. It has been used in making perfumes. It is very useful in aromatherapy and many aromatic preparations. It is useful for hair care, respiratory disorders, cancer, blood circulation, herpes simplex virus, etc. It also works as mosquito repellants.


      Lemon Balm

lemon balm for herpesIt has performed well in a number of clinical trials in treating HSV-1 and HSV-2 through topical application. When topically applied as a balm 4 times per day, it was equally effective as the leading medication Acyclovir. It is very effective herbal remedy for herpes. The herpes virus belongs to a large family that includes chicken pox, shingles and keratitis as well as oral and genital herpes. It is used to cut the symptoms of stress associated with herpes outbreaks. Lemon balm is also available in concentrated ointments or creams. The extract can be directly applied to lesions to cut itching and inflammation. It is also used to decrease the healing process and normally works for most people within 2 to 3 days. Read more to know about the benefits of lemon balm for herpes.

      Coconut oil

Coconut oil-the amazing oil for herpes patientCoconut oil for herpes. It consist fat and lauric acid. The fatty acid which is present in coconut oil is transform into monolaurin in the body. It’s antiviral, antibacterial substance can destroy lipid coated viruses that causes herpes outbreaks. You can apply coconut oil to the skin directly to treat herpes.


      St John’s wort oil

St John’s wort oil for herpesIt has hypericin which acts as a natural antiviral against herpes. It is antiviral and restorative for the nervous system. If you are prone to herpes attacks, take a preventative course of St John’s wort two or three times a year.

Essential oils from anise, hyssop, thyme, ginger, chamomile and sandalwood were screened for their inhibitory effects against herpes simplex virus type 2 in vitro on RC-37 cells having plaque reduction assay. Genital herpes is a chronic persistent infection spreading very fast. The above essential are very useful for treating the herpes infection, they are potentially useful for the treatment of herpes and other diseases too.


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