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Amalaki Rasayan (Powder) for all your eye, head and stomach related problems

Could you believe a single ayurvedic medicine that can give benefits to your eye, head and stomach related problems? It seems impossible that a single medicine can give a number of health benefits but it is true. You might have heard of Amla or Indian gooseberry many times as this is a popular natural ingredient having a number of health benefits. Amalaki Rasayana can give you amazing health benefits. So, let’s discuss the health benefits of Amalaki Rasayan.

Health Benefits of Amalaki Rasayan

amalaki-rasayanAmalaki Rasayan is a famous ayurvedic classical medicine and also a great gift of nature to us. It is full of vitamin C, calcium, carbohydrate, vitamin A and iron. Amalaki Rasayan makes your whole body healthy, stronger and fit. It is beneficial for brain, eyes, heart, liver, skin, hair and stomach. It improves the functions as well as the health of these body organs. There are a number of health benefits of Amalaki Rasayan for your body. It mainly has antioxidant and vitamin C content which fights against free radicals in the body as well as reduces the signs of early aging.

Amalaki Rasayan also helps to reduce headache, blurred vision, burning sensation in eyes, eyes fatigue, eye strain, irritated eyes, dizziness and double vision etc. This ayurvedic formulation is also effective in gastric, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease, skin problems, hair fall, hepatitis and several other health problems. Let’s discuss the health benefits of Amalaki Rasayan in detail.

Amalaki Rasayan For Eyes

Amla FOR EYESAmalaki Rasayan is the greatest home remedy or you can say ayurvedic formulation for eyes. It is rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids that have potent antioxidant action.  Amalaki Rasayan helps to keep healthy eyes. It is one of the best sources of vitamin C that helps to keep healthy eyes and also exert a number of other health benefits too. It helps to maintain and form collagen found in the cornea of eyes. The regular consumption of Amalaki Rasayan helps to improve eyesight, reduce the risk of cataract, vision loss and macular degeneration. You can also use amla for the treatment of eye fatigue, irritation of the eyes, eye strain, blurred vision, burning sensation in the eyes and other eye related problems in which vata and pitta doshas are dominant.

Amalaki Rasayan For Head

brainnnDo you know that Amalaki Rasayan is really beneficial for head related problems? Yes, it can cure a headache as well as a migraine. If you have headache or migraine, you need to take 1 amla murabba daily with an empty stomach. You can also take 1 teaspoon of Amalaki powder on daily basis for getting maximum health benefits. It will give you benefits in head related problems. It also improves your brain functions, memory and concentration power.

Amalaki Rasayan For Stomach

amla for stomachThe next health benefit of Amalaki Rasayan is to improve the stomach functions. It helps to cure stomach related problems as well as strengthens the immune system. Amalaki Rasayan helps to reduce the symptoms of gastritis and acid reflux. It is used in the combination of licorice. The combination reduces acidic irritation to the gastric mucosa and balances acid secretion. If you are suffering from any type of stomach related problem and want a natural treatment, Amalaki Rasayan is the best option for you. It also improves liver functions, appetite and digestion. It also heals the peptic ulcer and reduces stomach pain.

Amalaki Rasayan for Hairs

amla-for-hair-GrowthAmalaki Rasayan works a great deal to hairs too. Long, black and shiny hairs are the dream of every girl and you can make this dream true with a natural remedy that will never damage your hairs. Amalaki Rasayan is used since immemorial in several hair serums, oils and much more. It helps to maintain the natural shine of the hair and also intensify the hairs from the root. It contains iron which helps when spring hits your hair. Amalaki Rasayan is best in all ways for your hairs. If you are suffering from premature graying of hair, Amalaki Rasayan can give you black shine in your hairs.

Now, you have understood the health benefits of Amalaki Rasayan for your eyes, head and stomach related problems. It is really one of the best gifts of nature that can make you healthy from inside as well as from outside. You can purchase this medicine online in very reasonable prices from Paramanand Ayurveda.

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