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Can Magnesium Relieve Leg Cramps? Leg Cramps and Uses of Magnesium

A cramp is a condition that has become enigma for the scientists and doctors, as it is a subject that should has to be perused. The actual reason of cramps is unenlightened yet and we relate it to some secondary reasons that haven’t even been proved and those reasons may be hoax or if perused consentaneously could be factual as well but today it is reality that we don’t know the exact reason of cramps in the body. Cramps are a condition where your muscles are contracted and tightened and it may result in intolerable pain. Usually cramps can last from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how much your muscles have been affected. It can engender the intolerable pain at the time of its occurrence and you may be left perturbed and after effect of this occurrence can also be painful for you. Any part of your body such as your back, shoulder, abdomen, legs and peculiarly your calf, thighs and other part of your body are most prone to cramps as your whole body is made up of muscles and it is muscle which gives you the power to perform any task.
magnesium for leg crampsThere are myriad of causes are being related to cramps and today we are going to discuss about the cramps in legs and its causes and how it can be prevented or cured by using a specific chemical element but let us first discuss about the cramps and its causes. As discussed above cramps are the contraction of muscles and it usually affect old aged person above 40 or so but those who are physically active such as the athletes or assiduous people are also at the peak of possibility of being affected with contractions of muscles which can cause intolerable pain in them. Whether you are the fittest person and one of the best athletes but leg cramps are as enough powerful as it can force you to bend your knees and leave you flurried. The first aid you can do to relieve your muscles is to forcefully stretch your muscles so that the contractions of your muscles could be eased and then you can do whatever you want to relieve the pain caused by cramps. If the pain of your muscles doesn’t go away and the condition of the muscles starts deteriorating then you should mention it with your doctor so that he can treat you accordingly but it is very rare that a cramp patient is being forced to consult it with doctor until you are you are not a pregnant woman.
There could be myriad of reasons or causes of cramps in your legs such as dehydration, pregnancy, vigorous exercise, Addison’s disease, alcoholism, abnormal nerve activity during sleep or performing physical activity, a sudden resistance of blood in some specific part of your body, liver disease and even infection could be the cause of cramps in your legs. Now let’s discuss about its treatment or how it can be prevented. Magnesium for leg cramps is something that should be on the top of your list when it comes to treat any type of cramps in your body. There have been several evidences of efficacy of magnesium in all type of cramps and especially when it comes to leg cramps then it can have panacea like effect on your cramps.
As a person grows and gets older over the age of 40 or so his or her body starts accumulating much amount of calcium than required and calcium is known to tightening your muscles, which could be the reason of leg cramps in old aged persons. If you keep maintaining the ample amount of magnesium level in your body it will counter attack the calcium effect in your body and may help loosen your muscles and it may result in no more leg cramps. It also helps manage your blood pressure in your body, if you are a patient of hypertension then taking magnesium and maintaining its good level in your body can help lower down your blood pressure and will help better flow of blood throughout the body which is required in order to maintain better functionality of muscles. One of the important aspects of magnesium is that it helps your body absorb some of the important nutrients which is very essential in better functionality of the muscles. It increases the absorption of potassium and some other minerals which is very critical in order let your body function as it should. Magnesium is not only helpful in relaxing your muscles but it is also helpful in maintaining your immune system and strengthening your bones, there it becomes imperative to take ample amount of magnesium everyday so that you don’t lack of magnesium. If you excessively lack of magnesium in your body then your physician may recommend you to take supplement of magnesium so that your body could be filled up with required amount of magnesium in shorter period of time. magnesium suplementAfter the intake of magnesium supplement you should strive to maintain a good level of magnesium in your body by taking green veggies, leafy veggies, whole grains, some kind of seeds and nuts and you should regularly take these foods in order to give your body required amount of magnesium. Magnesium is something that should be included in day to day diet which will help maintain magnesium level in your body and will also help flawless functionality of your body. Leg cramps should not be ignored and you should strive to maintain good health management of muscles. It could be surprising to know that today there is no any scientific way to treat cramps but treatment of cramps is necessity of time and people have gone through secondary options in order to treat cramps and somehow they have refrained cramps in their body by adopting non-scientific but somewhat effective way treat or prevent cramps and specially leg cramps in the body.

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