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Medication for severe acne

What the essential thing you need to know regarding severe form of acne treatment is most often it is abundantly hard to get rid of it. There are certain sorts of severe acne do exist that occasionally influence people such as nodulocystic and conglobata acne. Both sort of acne are abundantly stubborn which can’t be easily managed or cured. Typically severe acne takes a lot time to get healed so what a patient with severe acne need to do is to treat acne in its early stage. Early stage of acne doesn’t take too much time to manage but once acne gets in its later acnestage you will have to go through numerous skin complications including pain, inflammation and severe infection of the skin.
There are numbers of treatment options do exist which can be performed by any individual to get rid of severe acne such as natural treatment, laser treatment, medication and other options. You might have seen people following natural treatment or homemade stuffs to get rid of acne infection but these things don’t work well in severe forms of acne. So, in order to better deal from severe acne it is extremely imperative to use medication. Severe acne must be treated by qualified dermatologist. Medications help acne patient by reducing inflammation, fighting off form bacterial infection, lessening the oil production and promoting healthy skin cells. There are numbers of medication available which can be admired to get rid of severe acne complications.

Some of The Best Medicines for Acne

Topical retinoiduse topical retinoid medicine for acne problem

Physician or dermatologist primarily prescribe topical retinoid for managing severe complication that generally work for best. Typically retinoid comes in the form of cream and what you need to do is to apply it directly on the affected area. Retinoid helps you in acne treatment by many ways. It helps by unclogging the skin pores, lessening the excessive production of sebum and by reducing the inflammation caused by acne. It could be also used in treating whiteheads and blackheads.


It is imperative use antibiotics for acne problemusing antibiotics for severe acne and that’s what dermatologists generally prescribe. Severe acne generally causes severe complications like intensive pain, large inflamed pores with reddish in color and fluid filled pores. These complications primarily caused by bacterial infection. The prescription of antibiotic medicines main motive is to assassinate severe acne causing bacteria. Antibiotic medicines usually come with benzoyl peroxide which helps in preventing the development of antibiotics resistance.


use spironolactone for acne problemIf a woman suffering from adult acne it is most likely that dermatologist prescribe her spironolactone. This medication typically prescribes to calm down those hormones that lead to aggravation of adult acne. However, the female acne patient has to use this treatment for a long period of time to receive a better result.



When it comes to Isotretinoin, it could be the perfect choice for severe acne sufferer patients. This medication has the sufficient potential to clear those acne complications that haven’t respond to anything. This is the medicines that should be used for the short period of time because longer use of this medicine may lead to evolvement of several complications.

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