Acne is the biggest cause of concern for any teenager today. Not only teenagers, but people of any age can be seen fighting with the demon. 50 million people in the U.S. have acne of some kind at some point of time in their lives. The number is quite shocking, but what is even more shocking is that the problem is not reducing with the increasing number of medications and pills in the market. According to the data collected during a survey, it was seen that more than 15% of the total sufferers of acne see such a bad form of acne that they leave permanent scars on the skin. And for these reasons medications and pills for acne apart from the cosmetic treatment are gaining popularity. But, do you know pills and medications have a prominent role in triggering acne? Yes, there are pills causing acne and medications harming your skin day and night. Today, you will get to know the biggest reason behind people looking forward at natural cure for acne. Also, you will be aware of what medications can do to your skin and why you should stay away from pills causing acne.

Acne is an unaltered reflection of exactly what is going on inside our body. Our skin health is a way to tell how good or bad our health is. This is why there are pills causing acne. Everything that goes inside our body has some impact on our body. Besides everything else, medicines are the most complicated to understand. This is so because medicines have a lot of ill effects that are not much talked about. Every medicine that you take in has some hidden effect on your health or a particular body part. Depending on the chemical composition of the medicine and the frequency or quantity of intake, the adverse effects can be temporary or permanent. However, it cannot be exactly indentified that how many medicines have a direct effect on human skin. But, we have a list of pills causing acne. We will talk about all these general purpose or commonly used medications, but before that, we would like you know that the cosmetics and pills you use under the pretext of fighting acne can actually trigger acne breakout.

Yes, it is observed in many cases that the chemicals you use on your body, or the makeup you apply on your face, and even the pills you take to cure acne have an adverse effect on human skin. Something as common as shampoo can be cause of acne. Unfortunately, your dermatologist never pays close attention to find the exact cause. He / she just write a prescription and then medicines after medicines. Your skin becomes a subject of hit and trial. That’s because you allow it to be. Your skin is precious to you and it is crucial you accept the fact that no medicine on earth can cure acne. If there was any such medicine, the world would have been a place full of flawless faces because there are plenty of medicines. Yes, the pharma companies are earning huge amount of profit, and the planet is full of medicines. But, in the same world live people struggling to get rid of acne. So, there can definitely be no relation between medicines and acne cure. However, in a short while, we will tell you about natural cure for acne that actually works.

Now you know that pills causing acne are not only general medicines but the medicines that are sold under the claim that they kill acne, you are actually aware of one of the biggest cause of acne. Temporary improvement might lure you in the beginning, but, later on, you skin will experience some unexpected changes. This would be in the form of a sudden outbreak as soon as you leave taking medicines. Or there can be some other adverse impacts on your skin as a result of taking pills for acne. Your dermatologist will not tell you anything about it, but, because it is your skin which will ultimately pay the price, you have to be aware of everything.

Apart from the medicines for treating acne, we have been telling you that some general medicines can also cause acne. On the top of the list of pills causing acne are hormonal drugs. Hormonal changes are believed to be the major cause of acne outbreak in teenage. But, artificially induced hormones like testosterone and progesterone can turn out to be even more harmful. These are usually present in contraceptive and you can imagine hoe common contraceptive pills are. So, contraceptive pills causing acne is quite common and if you are taking any such medication, note the changes your skin is experiencing.

Certain drugs that contain androgens and corticosteroids are also blamed to trigger acne on human skin. In general it is seen that most common pills causing acne are either hormonal pills or medicines used to treat chronic conditions such as cancer, depression, epilepsy, tuberculosis, etc. the patients are bound to take medicinal help in such cases, but also have to bear the inevitable ill effects for skin and other body parts that follow. But, there are people who try to find a solution to common problems like deficiencies in medications. Vitamins such as B-complex are taken as supplement to meet the needs of body, but they actually are harmful for your skin. You cannot ask a cancer patient to drop the medicines just because he might develop acne on skin, but, there are other natural and ayurvedic ways to deal with some common problems. Performance-enhancing anabolic steroids are also on the list of pills causing acne.

These were general categories that influence your skin directly and many other drugs exist that are not on the list but have severe ill effects on your skin. So, you should think twice before taking medicines for too long and for reasons alternative solution is available. This is because the medications can not only be linked with acne, but there are several other sever adverse effects. This is not a completely unknown fact that every drug has a long list of ill effects. so, better watch out the list and see if acne is on the list, simply change the drug and see the changes occurring on your skin. This can sometimes save a lot of time and money. Even then if you are unable to get rid of acne, we have some natural cure for acne that would work best for all types of acne and at all stages.

The key to natural cure for acne is to trust natural products rather than chemicals and artificially synthesized cosmetics. What you use on your face has direct impact but even if you are careful about the skin care cosmetics, your hair products and detergent might be doing things wrong for you. The sulfates, heavy moisturizing agents in conditioners, and silicones that your shampoo, conditioner, and stylers contain can seep into your pores, clogging them and resulting in chest acne or pesky pimples along your hairline. Next time you go for buying cosmetics, either for your skin or your hair, make sure you know what side effects they can have. Apart from avoiding all the chemicals that are too harsh for your skin, including natural cure for acne in your routine is also helpful.

With the help of natural cure for acne, which are a favor for your skin by God you can anytime treat acne without harming it in any possible way. Honey, aloe vera, ACV and fuller’s earth are some of the natural cure for acne that would work for any type of skin. Natural cure for acne is the only substitute of the medical treatment which has the capability to cure acne without burning your skin. Not only this, these natural products enlightens your skin, and improves your complexion. So, in case of light or temporary acne, you can try any one of these natural cure for acne. In case your skin and personality is hurt badly by those ugly spots and they are not ready to leave, you can seek help from scientific ayurvedic natural cure for acne. Yes, now even scientists are agreeing that natural ayurvedic products like kumkumadi tailam and a few others are great for your skin health. And all the skin favoring ayurvedic formulas for your skin are available online at paramanand ayurveda.

One mistake many do while using ayurvedic remedies is skipping the step of consulting an ayurvedic doctor. However, it is mandatory in order to get desired results. Yes, we understand that finding a right ayurvedic doctor was not easy, but today, you can directly talk to the doctor by calling paramanand ayurveda and that too without paying any consultation fee. So, we have not only told you about the pills causing acne. But, we are leaving you with natural cure for acne and this time, it is going to bring an end to all the sufferings of your innocent skin. Also, be ready to see the glow and radiance on your skin if you choose to use any of the natural cure for acne.


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